Corporate mission: green new materials, and beautiful life

Explanatory note: independent researching and developing of green new processes, and focusing on producing of PC new materials to make human being have a better life.

Corporate vision: to be the transcender in the new materials industry

Explanatory note: independent R&D of technologies on a basis in China, persevering to catch up and surpass in order to buildan international first-class enterprise in the production and R&D of new materials.

Corporate spirit:perseverance, self-improvement, pursuit of excellence, openness and inclusion

Explanatory note: break foreign technical barriers, carry forward the spirit of Made in China; innovate, develop and pursue excellence, be open and inclusive to make friends extensively.

Corporate core sense of values: Being practical-minded, seeking progress, innovation and creation

Explanatory note: seek the truth and being practical-minded, win the market with quality; be prepared for danger in times of safety, strive for making progress through pioneering; dare to be No. 1, enhance vitality through innovation; work and pull together, pursue excellence through creation.

Brand positioning: to be the excellent supplier of green new materials

Explanatory note: provide customers with quality products and services, and make propaganda of the green environmental protection concept for the society, promote the prosperity and progress of human society, and people’s happy life.

Value proposition: build infinite possibilities from the micro world

Technically innovate continuously, break the inherent mode of thinking, and build infinite possibilities with small PC molecules to change the life of human being.

Brand personality: internationalization, prudence, green and affinity

Internationalization is the image of establishing a career; prudence is the soul of establishing a career; green is the direction of establishing a career; affinity is the foundation of establishing a career.