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1. Product introduction:

PC is produced by Sichuan Zhonglan Guosu New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. by applying the production process of non- phosgene melt poly-condensation trans-esterification that was researched and developed independently by Chengdu Organic Chemicals Co., Ltd under Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Bluestar Chengrand Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The product is green, environmental friendly and free of pollution, having excellent optical properties.

2. Product characteristics:

PC is a non-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent heat resistance, good transparency and high impact-resistant strength in plastics.

3. Product advantages:

The product has high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact-resistant property, good fatigue resistance; has wide range of service temperatures, and is still able to maintain stable performance in a large temperature range (-100℃~129℃); has rare high transparency and free dyeing in plastics; has high thermal deformation temperature; has good weather-resistant property; has excellent electrical characteristics; the product is tasteless, odorless and harmless to human body; has low molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability.

4. Product packaging and storage:

This product is packaged in FFS bags or FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers) bags, and handled by mantling with films externally after having been palletized and molded. The net content of each bag is 25 kg or 750 kg.

The product shall be stored in a warehouse where ventilation, drying, cleaning and good fire- fighting facilities are maintained. When put in storage, the product shall be kept away from heat source, prevented from direct sunlight, and shall not be stacked in the open air. Open fire within the storage range is forbidden, and temperature shall be avoided reaching 250℃ or above.

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